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Michael Soselia

Michael Soselia

Michael is the strategic marketer and growth expert at JAM Pipeline, is a trusted problem solver known for his intelligence and no-nonsense approach. With over seven years of experience scaling startups, including growing one from $100K to over $12 million ARR, he leverages his deep understanding of go-to-market strategies to achieve the best commercial results.
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Selling change to every buyer.

Why do your buyers resist change? How do most startups deal with that? How should you sell change to be in the top 2%?

Only 2% of Startups can Challenge.

So we looked into the main hurdles for implementing this superior methodology.

Sales leaders don't get Challenger.

The authors of "The Challenger Sale" debunk myths about Challenger methodology.

How funded B2B startups fail.

How and why do funded B2B startups fail? You can only do 2 things to avoid this.

You will lose 96% of the market.

Without content that inspires change in your buyers, your success rate drops to 4%.

98% of startups are writing content wrong.

So we asked CEOs of Hubspot and how to do it right. Learn from the best!